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Radio Neighbourhood (2021 - ongoing)

A social innovation project transforming British open spaces into grounds for addressing migration and human rights issues through live art, awarded Ideas and Pioneers Fund by Paul Hamlyn Foundation and supported by the School for Social Entrepreneurs.  

Presented as a series of community-based performances, Radio Neighbourhood is a brave experiment on collisions of dance and audio drama telling stories of first and second-generation migrants. Approximately 30 minutes in duration, the performance features two performers dancing to a dialogue between an alien and a migrant. The stories engage the lived experiences of migrants and convey cultural significance relating to issues of identity, transcending cultural backgrounds and different communities.

The project is a placemaking idea to reimagine public spaces through live art. It builds strong bonds between people and places by connecting to our communities and integrating different voices into a cohesive vision of creating a better future for everyone. It explores the psychological impact of the pandemic and socio-political instabilities to make people feel inspired, valued and connected to others in our society. 

The show has been presented in collaboration with various institutions, including Migration Matters Festival (Sheffield), Bloomsbury Festival, British Library, Migration Museum, Canary Wharf Group, Omnibus Theatre, the Space Theatre, NTS Radio and Bloomsbury Radio. The show has been viewed by over 800 live audiences from various communities and over 10,000 online audiences. It has also received a lot of positive feedback from the audiences that they were happy to see high-quality performances that speak to their hearts in their neighbourhood.

A list of previous presentations
October 2023 - Holborn Library with Bloomsbury Festival
June 2023 - Sheffield Amphitheatre with Migration Matters Festival 
*presented as double bill with Little Bean Theatre’s ‘Boh Boh Finds Home’
April 2022 - Clapham Common with Omnibus Theatre, Canary Wharf Roof Garden
October 2021 - Migration Museum, Omnibus Theatre, Bramber Green and British Library with Bloomsbury Festival 
*broadcasted by NTS Radio and Bloomsbury Radio
July 2021 - Deptford High Street with Deptford X, Bow Arts Raw Lab, Evelyn Community Centre with ShapesLewisham
*rehearsal space partners: Lewisham Art House, NDT Broadgate
April 2021 - Cornmill Gardens with Lewisham Council 

Creative team

Concept: Jennifer Lim, Ghost and John

Curator: Sandra Lam

Scriptwriter: John Chan

Sound and Music Designer: Ghost Chan

Audio Actors: Jennifer Lim, Heather Lai, Daniel York Loh, Siu-see Hung

Devising Performers: Yun Cheng, Yik-Sau Chung

Previous Devising Performers: Shum Pui Yung, Wah-chi Vong, Sydney Robertson, Jason Yip

Voice Acting Director & Dramaturg: Kim Pearce

Banner Designer and Photographer: Jeffrey Choy

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