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Sandra is a curator and writer. She holds a BA in Chinese Language and Literature and Politics and Public Administration from the University of Hong Kong, and an MFA in Curating from Goldsmiths, University of London. Her curatorial research examines the politics of aesthetics and investigates how curating can contribute to an understanding of contemporary discourses, focusing on activism, migration and the environment. She is interested in socially engaged practice that addresses questions of identity and belonging. Her practice aims to bring a voice to the unheard narratives of the marginalised communities.


In London, Sandra has initiated and curated a number of public events and exhibition programmes that involves local communities in social interaction. She is a co-founder of Hidden Keileon CIC, a cultural enterprise working with migrant and queer people to imagine futures with freedom and justice for all by dreaming and leading multidisciplinary and life-affirming projects.

Sandra has held positions across a range of arts organisations including museums, contemporary art galleries and auction houses, as well as in editorial and public relations contexts. These include Bloomsbury Festival, Mimosa House, Goldsmiths CCA, Royal Museums Greenwich, Lehmann Maupin, Lyon & Turnbull, Sotheby’s and more. She has also organised workshops, performances, talks, film screenings, roundtable discussions, and contributed writings to Mingpao Newspaper, the Culturist HK and .ART.

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