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[Installation] Do Ho Suh, Bridging Home (2018) 

On Christmas Eve, I was walking home along Wormwood Street with my groceries. A biting wind whistled and people were going home with luggage and gift bags. As a student living away from home, I could only return to my small and cold room in the hall. A homeless man was playing his guitar on the street. The melancholy music gradually gave shape to a longing to return home enveloping my heart. A fine falling drizzle bleared my sight. I looked up and saw a house falling on a bridge. I rubbed my eyes and thought it was an illusion. Indeed, there was a traditional Korean house appeared to have 'fallen' onto the footbridge, contrasting with the steel and glass architecture around London Bridge. It is Do Ho Suh’s Bridging Home (2018). The title reminded me of Suh’s personal experiences of growing up in South Korea, immigrating to the United States and working in London. Suh’s work was a spiritual experience gone beyond art, resonating with my story of studying in London. It was a pity that I couldn’t find the way of getting in. A sharp wind swept away my thoughts, and I continued to walk back ‘home’. 

Do Ho Suh, Bridging Home, London (2018) 

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