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[Performance] Yun Cheng, THE LIVING BODY (2024)


Yun Cheng, THE LIVING BODY (2024). Performance. Video still by Anson Cheng.

Watching THE LIVING BODY (2024), choreographed by Yun Cheng, is a meditative experience, which is very much needed in the hustle and bustle of city life in London. 


Breathe In. 


The performance features three dancers moving gently with their bodies as the music goes on, creating a state of calmness where actions are guided by intuition. Hand. Shoulder. Head. Spine. Knee. Feet. 


A sense of spontaneity and action are a vital aspect of Cheng’s work. The dancers explore their bodies in the form of improvised actions in their solo performances. Much of the performance is focused on the understanding of the body through repetitive movements that the body uses to communicate complex emotions and express identity. 


As the performance evolves, the three dancers imbue the piece with a subtle personal narrative about their experiences of creating the work. While their approaches are different, it does create a sense of harmony among them. 

The work also reveals the relationship between body and mind, through a series of physical movements designed to explore the awareness of the body and the state of the mind, investigating the philosophy of self-awareness.

Breathe Out. 

Time feels slow in this poetic body-based performance art. 

Performed by Cecilia Huang, Chi-Hsuan Lin and Devaraj Thimmaiah.


Chi-Hsuan Lin

PHOTO-2024-01-26-11-33-56 3.jpg

Devaraj Thimmaiah

PHOTO-2024-01-26-11-33-56 2.jpg

Cecilia Huang

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